The speaker at the December 4th club meeting was Marilyn Taylor, Life and Wellness Coach. Marilyn became involved in life and wellness coaching through her other profession, that of massage therapist. Marilyn became involved in deep conversations with her clients that led her in a new direction.
Marilyn asked the club members how they measure success, careers, wealth...? "What if we measured success by what makes us happy? she asked. She noted that a 2009 study on income and satisfaction shows that an income of $75,000 was a plateau beyond which there is no change in the perception of happiness. Today, she believes that might equate with about a $90,000 income.
"What you fell is your messenger of where you are in life—what your level of satisfaction is. In terms of reported happiness, about 50% is from genetic makeup, 10% is from financial well-being and 40% is derived from intentional activity on a person's part. Areas of that intentional activity have to do with: 1) having and nurturing 1 or 2 positive relationship, 2) acts of kindness and compassion, 3) exercise, 4) being in the flow of life [examples - golf, music), 5) spiritual engagement and meaning, 6) using your strengths, and 7) having a positive mindset.