The speaker at the October 2nd meeting of the club was Matt Ward, breakthrough champion. Matt spoke about overcoming an affliction that plagues most of us, procrastination. Matt described procrastination as that state when our passion and our focus are out of sync.
A native of Hershey Pennsylvania, Matt used the example of Milton Hershey who failed with the establishment of three candy companies, but persisted following his passion until his name became synonymous with chocolate. Hershey's two passions were chocolate and children. He and his wife couldn't have their own children, and so he used his fortune to establish a school for underprivileged kids
Matt said that 90% of people allow their inaction to override their passion and so he listed five steps to overcoming that inaction.
1) Know why—Why do you want to take action?
2) Know the negative result of inaction.
3) Face your fears. We need to stare our fears down.
4) Be proactive. The quicker you take action, the more you accomplish.
5) Accept your failures. Failing doesn't make you a failure; not trying again does.
Matt said that writing down what you want to accomplish makes it 42% more likely that you will succeed. In that spirit, he invited club members to write down one thing they want to accomplish by November 1 and add their telephone number and/or email address. He will contact each person on the first of next month to see if they have accomplished what they said they would.